David Raven MTM247 is a specialist in:

  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce online selling
  • Sales and Marketing


01. Strategic

What I Do: Working in sales and marketing for most of my career, serial entrepreneur, experienced in running small businesses.

02. Professional

How I Do It: Skilled in work-life-style balance I have long since shunned 9 till 5 preferring to work smart. Sharing this philosophy with friends and clients, my aim is always to make sure the customer wins.

03. Loyal

 What Can I Offer: Online marketing, E-commerce website design, help clients become a successful Amazon Seller, social media management, advertising on Facebook, Twitter, writing articles and blogs.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Industry Preferences: Almost my entire career since age 18 has been in leading technology areas. I have developed a strong preference for hi-tech energy innovation technology. Passionate about environmental issues promoting technology for reducing greenhouse gasses.


• 73% of respondents viewed a case study during their research


B2B Buyers Dont trust adverts

What I Do


David Raven


Passions include global travel and walking across the Pyrenees.